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Embedded systems #109

Happy Friday and happy issue #109! If you read an interesting article do not hesitate to share it with me. It helps me a lot to keep the quality high.

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Happy reading!


Division algorithms in FPGA
In this post the author implements three different division algorithms. If one of these days you can need a division on your FPGA you should bookmark this post.

My business card runs Linux, yours can too
Impressive work with a $5 BoM (Bill of Material) and a $1 PCB.

Visualising the Architecture of Qt Embedded Systems: Context and Container Diagrams
I discovered the C4 model with this article. It is a kind of concurrent of UML with some interesting aspects interesting for embedded systems. I think it has to be read if you don’t know the C4 model either.

GCC Rust Approved By Steering Committee, Likely To Land For GCC 13
Rust is finally coming to GCC. Expected delivery with version 13.

BMW F Series Gear Selector, Part Three: Success
I already shared the 2 first parts of this great series. In this last part Angus manages to fully control the gear from his computer. He has even build a GUI for that: the “Bavariatron 5000” :)

ez-clang is a tool that runs for you a C REPL on a MCU target. The technical effort is interesting even though I don’t have a direct usage of it.
In this gist Alasdair Allan shares a Python (MicroPython) code sample to make a Raspberry Pi Pico W talks with a NTP server.


Retbleed: Arbitrary Speculative Code Execution with Return Instructions
It’s not directly related to embedded systems, but it’s an interesting reading for our culture. These exploits can help us to understand the subtle operations of the processors.