Flash dumping with probes - Philippe Teuwen
 - Flash dumping with probes

Embedded systems #137

In this week’s issue, a new smartwatch project based on Zephyr, a U-boot update to finally support HTTP, and an interview of Ken Thompson filmed in 2005.

Happy reading!


Hyundai Head Unit Hacking
First, It is another good article on hacking Hyundai cars. Second, I felt so dumb when reading it I discovered the LK kernel ( The Little Kernel Embedded Operating System ) that I had never heard about before. The author wrote: LK stands for “little kernel”, a small open-source kernel which is used in many embedded platforms.

Embedded System Lecture Notes and Presentations
It is Phil Koopman’s professor page. There is already a lot to read and learn from this page, but Phil has a Youtube channel with dozens of valuable videos too.

ZSWatch Is an Open Source Smartwatch Based on Zephyr RTOS
I discovered the ZSWatch project this week. The v1 is already an advanced version, but the project maintainers ask all interested persons to wait for the v2 .

A history of the EPROM in the Soviet Union
Photographies illustrations are beautiful, and discovering this pan of the electronics industry fascinated me.

Adding Delimiters Between String Elements in C++
In this article, Phillip Johnston goes through three different implementations to find the best compromise to generate CSV format.

Tools / Libraries

HTTP now supported in U-boot
After years of UDP support only, U-boot finally gets TCP support, and with it the support of downloading from an HTTP server.


Oral History of Ken Thompson
There are very few Ken Thompson interviews available online. Thank you, the Computer History Museum, for having pushed online this interview of him filmed in 2005.

The Lisa: Apple’s Most Influential Failure
This week the Computer History Museum delivered this other gem: The Apple Lisa computer source code!