Issue 104 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #104

I promised in the last issue to get the first lab published this week but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get everything ready. Everything will be sorted in the coming days. Next week, first lab!

Thank you to Angeles Pérez for the header’s picture .

Happy reading!


Technical Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities in U-Boot
Precisely two vulnerabilities were found this week in the U-Boot IP Defragmentation algorithm. Both of them are only exploitable from the local network but in some installations it could be enough to compromise the target.

ISA Wars: Understanding the Relevance of ISA being RISC or CISC to Performance, Power, and Energy on Modern Architectures
The raise of the RISC-V is reactivating a 30 years old war. A good opportunity to review advantages/disadvantages of the different Instruction Set Architectures.

Photonic Chip Performs Image Recognition at the Speed of Light
With this article I discovered that it exist photonic chips that can classify an image in a clock tick. If you add to that an accuracy close to the state-of-the-art deep neural network accuracy it can make these chips good companion for our classical MCUs.

X1501 Pico SoM
This project is interesting on multiple dimensions. The most fascinating one is probably the fact that it runs Linux with only the on-chip memory: no external storage.

A New Era For Ada/SPARK Open Source Community
AdaCore is doing a big change to the licence of their libraries: From GPLv3 to Apache License 2.0. This change in the licence will make AdaCore libraries more easily integrable. Definitely a good change for the Ada community.


Relativity, Embedded Software Test Engineer, Full-time, Long Beach, CA
Relativity is the first and only company to automate aerospace manufacturing by integrating intelligent robotics, software, and proprietary metal 3D printing technology

Education / Community

Computer Science
Any wannabee embedded systems developer needs to have very strong computer science basis. This 40 episode YouTube course is covering almost all the fundamentals. Enjoy watching


Open Circuits - The Inner Beauty of Electronic Components
Eric Schlaepfer in collaboration with Windell H. Oskay announced this week their book. Check Chapter 1 out, and I’m sure you will, too, fall in love with the book. Currently, in pre-order with 25% off!