issue 71 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #71

This week KeenLab made public the result of their research on hardware and software of BMW vehicules . In a nutshell, they found 14 vulnerabilities, counting 5 with a remote access vector. It’s not really surprising but now that is official I feel really worried about it. How do you feel?

On a brighter note, I hope you’ll like this week selection of articles. All of them curated for your pleasure. Enjoy the issue #71!


MicroPython v1.9.4
The last version of MicroPython adds the ESP32 port. The ESP32 is a SoC designed for IoT with an impressive list of builtin features.


MCUSim is a new kid in the block of micro-controllers simulator. It has been announced publicly this week and its author thinks that MCUSim code base is now mature enough to receive external contributors. The next release will be the 0.2.0 with the support of two microcontrollers the ATmega8A and the ATmega328/328P. If you prefer something more mature you can still use simavr the Atmel AVR simulator for linux


Detecting String Truncation with GCC 8
Every new version of GCC comes with its improvements. If you didn’t hear about the last string truncation warnings added to GCC, this article written by Martin Sebor senior software engineer at Red Hat is a must read. Do you need another argument to -Wall your builds?

Tearing apart printf()
The author describes how the C printf() works at three different levels of details. This is a very good exercice to do to check how well you understand something. Great article.

Writing Linux File System for Fun
A video presentation describing why and how you should write a Linux file system. Hint: This is not because your brand new file system will become the main Linux file system.

A small (new) library for Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Adaptive Selection of Deep Learning Models on Embedded Systems
Deep learning is currently changing the World. In this paper researchers found a way to improve the accuracy while reducing the computation time comparing to the current state of the art.


A 360 leds clock
The result of the Mathieu Led clock DIY is at least nice. Say in another way, How to make beautiful ws2812 led stripes (a total of 360 leds) driven by one Raspberry Pi PWM.

MAC Allocation Tracker
In my previous experiences it has always been a pain to track where and when were used our MAC addresses. To make that easier, Embedded Artistry gives away their template. Thank you!