issue 73 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #73

This week, I discovered this joke via Paul Targosz

Why do assembly programmers need to know how to swim? Because they work below C level.

It became right away an obvious introduction for the issue #73 of Embedded Systems Weekly. I hope you like it too! Enjoy the issue #73!


Bode Analyzer using STM32F407 Discovery board
Debraj describes in this article how to code a Bode analyzer only with a STM32F407 discovery board. The article is rather above my knowledege but the content is really well done, clear and informative.

Online Gerber Viewer
If like the author of the tool you need a way to validate your gerber files. You can use this one that support the Extended Gerber format RS-274X .

It is a multi-device, multi-platform and open source analysis software suite. It supports more than 300 devices and the feature list is impressive. It may be a good time investissement to learn to use sigrok.


A curated list of project-based tutorials in C
Were you looking for an excuse to improve your C language skills? Here it is a list of dozens of tutorial-projects! Open your vim and start coding, it’s Friday!

Embedded Computer Vision & Machine Learning Library
SOD is a cross-platform computer vision and machine learning software library for embedded systems. It is coded in C language and it comes with no dependencies at all. Its code is open source and it has a double licence for commerical usage. If you need this feature in your system, it can be an alternative to consider.

One year of C
One year of C is a nice feedback by a professional who did the switch from C++ to C. It’s not directly embedded software development, but this article is valuable as it helps to understand better our main language.

Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi
This new resource to learn how to code an operating system is not yet finished but the fact that is it on a Raspberry Pi can make it interesting for a lot of people out there. It will probably be finished by the time you reach the lesson 6 about Virtual memory management, the last lesson currently done.


Developing high-performance Coroutines for ARMs
The emBO++ 2018 team started to publish videos of the conference which took place in March. In this one, Klemens Morgenstern makes me discover how the Coroutines could be used.

How Many Strings Does C++ Have?
Did you already try to enumerate all the different string types available in C++? This guy did and it’s overwhelming.