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Embedded systems #75

This week we read a bad news for the American electronic manufacturers among you guys. On July the 6th, the United States will add a 25% tax on Chinese electronic components . I cross my fingers that nobody will loose his business on this change… If you want to communicate about it in the next newsletter, please, contact me by email .

Please, send me an email if you find or write an article. Embedded Systems Weekly exists to help good writings to reach their readers. Enjoy #75!


Boson Camera Project
The Boson is a thermal camera core. The Greg S. Davill project is to interface it with an FPGA to capture the camera stream in real time and to transform it into an usable format saved on a SD card. The project is very detailed ( Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 ) and technical challenges are very well explained. It’s very interesting to follow.


Computers in the Space Shuttle Avionics System
The NASA write about his experience on creating computers for spaceflights. The chapter four describes how they did the software and how they managed it.

Fortran is still a thing
In 2017 NASA created a coding competition where the programming language was obligatory Fortran. Oleksandr Kaleniuk starts his article from this fact and then describes why Fortran is still something nowadays.

UML Statechart library in C and XMI importer
uFSM is a statechart library for embedded systems. The library has no dependencies and it does not do any dynamic memory allocations. It supports UML state machine diagrams has input which can be a really nice feature to describe explicitely what should do the finite state machine.

A Guide to Undefined Behavior in C and C++, Part 1
Three weeks ago in the issue #72 I shared an article about undefined behavior in C . Since then, a lot of people are expressing their “unhappiness” regarding UB. This three parts guide from 2010 describes very clearly what are undefined behaviors in C and C++.

Three modest proposals for the C standard WG14
Victor Yodaiken, annoyed by UBs, proposes these three improvements.

GCC Stack Frames
Stafford Horne is currently rewriting a GCC backend for the OpenRISC architecture. In this article he shares what he learned in learn about GCC stack frames while doing this new GCC backend.


ABI & Instruction Mapping — How to Create a Compiler part 5a/5 — Designing Machine Code Synthesis
Here it is a serie of video tutorial by Joel Yliluoma on how to create a compiler.

The Transistor, Part 3: Endless Reinvention
This part 3 article quality on transistors is as good as the whole serie. It’s a very well written history of the transistors. Actually, all Christopher Felix McDonald articles are very interesting to read. I invite you to follow . I don’t really get how I did not discover it sooner.