issue 81 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #81

Welcome to the issue #81! If you read a nice article, organize en event or have a job offer that needs applications, please, send me an email to .


KiCad 5 – A New Generation
KiCad, the sofware that brought EDA to the public at large by making free the equivalent of very expensive professional tools. KiCad released its fifth major version. The list of new things and upgrades is stunning. Thank you to all the KiCad developer team


Using the C++ STL Without Dynamic Memory
Dan Saks in this talk demonstrates how the C++ Standard Template Library can be used in embedded software developments. Even in the fields where it is required to not do any dynamic memory allocation. That’s really interesting for those of us who would like to push C++ in their company.

Arduino in the Command Line: A Primer
Arduino IDE is very nice to do small programs with very few features. For anything big, this article explains how to use the Arduino CLI. The CLI makes possible the setup of a continous integration pipeline in a professional context.

Myths Programmers Believe about CPU Caches
Rajiv worked several years at Intel. When a person experienced like him writes a very complete article about caches, you can be sure that to read it will help you to clarify your mind.

stm32f4xx GCC Barebones Project
If you were looking for a bare metal scaffolding project for the STM32F4 micro-controller series, this project could be a good starting point.


Build Your Own Rover
I’m a big fan of the NASA’s achievements with the Mars Curiosity Rover. This project inspires thousands of engineers all around the World and the NASA is aware of that. Consequently they released a simplified of the ROVER that anybody can make for less then $2,500. Isn’t it tempting?

The GPS system
A complete and clear explanation of how Global Positioning System work. A nice general knowledge reading.