issue 84 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #84

Long time no see fellow embedded systems lovers! After months of silence, Embedsys Weekly is back on track with the same concept. A hand-picked list of technical articles selected to be sent directly in your mailbox. The best of each week!

#84 is the new #1 It is historically the #84 but if we are completely honest, we can consider it as a new #1. No newsletter for months, and above that we lost all the list in an outage. Yes you heard it. We start over the newsletter from 0 this week! Anyway, we are already few new subscribers and I count on you to share this edition with your colleagues to help us to move the needle one subscriber at a time. Thank you very much!

On another news, we added to the family our new job board dedicated to embedded systems. It will be as well a new section for this newsletter but limited to 1 or 2 jobs not more than that. Posting is free currently. Yes, free! If a job is open at your company, we believe that our job board is a great opportunity to reach thousands of passionate people like you. And who doesn’t like to work with someone sharing a passion?

Please, contact us by email if you have any questions. Enjoy.


The MOnSter 6502
A dis-integrated circuit project to make a complete, working transistor-scale replica of the classic MOS 6502 microprocessor.

Lisp for microcontrollers (for Arduino, Adafruit M0/M4, Micro:bit, ESP8266/32, RISC-V, and Teensy 4.x boards)

Rust For Linux Kernel Patches Revised With Upgraded Rust Toolchain, Build Improvements
This is already the third iteration preparing the integration of the Rust language within the kernel codebase. This is a very exciting moment for the kernel as we can’t remember any other integration of a new programming language. What do you think about this move?

RoboDog Part 7 | How to Make Your Own OS (1 of 3)
AustinTronics YouTube channel is currently filming a series of video on how to build your own RoboDog! This specific video is on the OS but we encourage you to watch the whole series. It’s very interesting.

A simple defer feature for C
defer is the current C language proposal evolution that everybody is talking about. It’s a very polemic one. Many hate the idea because the feature already exists for them via __attribute__((cleanup(function_pointer))). Many like it because they think the current solution is too complicated. What’s your point of view?

A Minimal RISC-V
Can the RISC-V processor enter the competition in the market of the 8-bit microcontrollers? This article try to reply to the question. Did you know that the RISC-V architecture can be implemented in less than 20K gates?


EMBA - The security analyzer for embedded device firmware
EMBA is a tool built around the idea that securing an embedded firmware is a complex task.
Penetration testing of embedded firmware is quite complex as we have to deal with different architectures, optimized operating systems and special protocols. EMBA is an Open-Source firmware analyzer with the goal to simplify and automate the complex task of firmware security analysis.” ~ Michael Messner, maintainer

Finit v4.2
It is an alternative to SysV init and systemd with a buitin support for BusyBox. Finit is used by Westermo into their switches and routers for industrial and other rugged environments. Thank you Joachim Wiberg for your work.


D3 Engineering - Senior Embedded Software Engineer
D3 Engineering is hiring a Senior Embedded Software Engineer - Rochester, NY - Full-time.


Street Fighter II, Sound System internals
An analysis of the arcade’s sound system. It’s a deep dive in a design from the 80’s.