issue 1 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #1

Welcome to the issue #1 of Embedsys Weekly. We are very happy to finally start this adventure after years of sharing. If you have any link you would like to suggest for future issues then please tweet us with it or send it at


Bits&Chips 2013 Embedded Systems
The annual conference and exhibition on software and embedded systems date is Thursday 7 november 2013.


A new x86 emulator written in JavaScript
A work that looks like what Bellard did.

A massive library to find and download any datasheets

Learn RapidSTM32 in a day


The history of packets
This guide seeks to take you on the adventure of the changing packet, and how it has survived over the past four decades of networking hardware and computer software. The Internet started in the late 1960s as ARPANET.

How to use the C Preprocessor to write robust code

Deep C (and C++)


Accidentally Turing-Complete

[](Making embedded systems, the podcast by Elecia White and Christopher White)

Intel Academic Program
Lectures, demos and other material created by university professors and Intel experts in Parallel Programming, Security, Embedded Systems and more