issue 12 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #12

12th Embedded Systems Weekly Issue, already a quarter of embedded systems articles. This week was another week with plenty of new interesting resources. Finally in the selection among other things, there is two pieces on the very popular prototyping/evaluation boards that are the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino, a bit of C programming (unit testing and structure packing) and a bit of embedded kernel.


Raspberry Pi GPIO Electrical Specifications
A very detailed description of General Purpose Input Output pinout of the Raspberry Pi. The electrical specification and the specific functions of GPIO are also listed with the specifities of hardware revisions.

JTAG adapter for Arduino Micro
The author creates an Arduino Micro JTAG Shield from an off-the-shelf AVR JTAGICE3. He provides the circuit schematics and few tips to get it works quickly.

Low Level Measurements Handbook
If you have to measure low level signals this free book is a must read.


Greatest: C language unit testing framework
After the analysis of the C language unit testing framework for embedded systems Scott Vokes feels the need to develop a new one more suitable: very small, no dynamic allocations, no dependencies. Scott names it Greatest. The source code is available here .

Clang Format: new tool of LLVM’s Clang frontend
Clang 3.4 has been released with a new tool called Clang format . ClangFormat is a tool to automatically apply the linebreak and indentation style of your company. It can be easily integrated in your workflow at the source control level or the source editor level.

Object-oriented programming with ANSI-C
How from the ANSI-C build all the object oriented paradigms? The book written by Axel-Tobias Schreiner gives an answer to this question. Read this book is a good way to better understand object oriented languages.

F9: A Secure and Efficient Microkernel Built for Deep Embedded Systems
An introduction to the new microkernel called F9. F9 microkernel is not created from zero. It is developed with the best practices learned during the long development of the L4 microkernel. F9 source code is open source. If you want to learn more on this type of kernel it is a repository to follow.

The Lost Art of C Structure Packing
C programming language structure packing is an advanced C language technique to reduce memory usage of programs. Eric S. Raymond wrote this complete article that describes the ins and outs of the structure packing.


The 11 Most Influential Microprocessors of All Time
If you have to choose one, which would it be?

Getting 2.5 Megalines of code to behave, On Curiosity and its software