issue 22 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #22


Making embedded Linux computer
A very interesting step by step on how to create from scratch an ARM embedded system running Linux and with the CPU and the RAM memory in BGA package.

Motion activated lighting without a Micro-Controller
Embed a microcontroller is often a reflex nowadays to solve every problem. Thank you to the author of this article that opens my mind to cheaper solutions.

Retro Pinball: Reverse Engineering the Bally AS-2518-51 Sound Module Assembly
Such an amazing piece of technologies from the 80’s!

Home Automation: Reverse engineering a Worcester-Bosch DT10RF wireless thermostat.
The author is not satisfied by his home automation control system and so decided to create his own control system.


A bare-metal FORTH operating system for Raspberry Pi
Do you search something cool to flash on your Rpi? A bare-metal FORTH operating system is probably one of the most interesting thing around, this week.

seL4 is now open source
seL4 is now open source and it’s probably the best way to see how is developed a kernel with an end-to-end proof of implementation correctness.

Programming SIMD

Russ Cox: What’s the most interesting bug you’ve met?
Famous Russ Cox shares the ins and outs of one of the most interesting bug that he has hunted.


The making of the Raspberry Pi Model B+
What is the new Rpi B+ and how it has been made, by James Adams the director of Hardware.

The TTY demystified
A comprehensive article on the Linux/Unix TTY subsystem.

Video Series - Touring Factories in Shenzhen
If you have never seen an assembly chain, this video shows you part of the most advanced ones in China.