issue 3 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #3

Here is the third issue of EmbedsysWeekly! It’s already a pleasure to build the email that brings the best weekly informations on embedded systems. If you have any link you would like to suggest for future issues then please tweet me with it or send it at .


How to inkjet-print circuits at fraction of time and cost
A novel method to rapidly and cheaply 3D-print electrical circuits. Less then $300.

Intel® Galileo Development Board
The first Arduino compatible board by Intel. Exactly compatible with with Arduino Uno Revision 3 but there is compatibility issues with some shield. So verify your shield compatibility if you want to buy it. Galileo is running Linux and so it’s also possible to run Linux application on it. Another interesting fact is that it is possible to produce commercial products with the board.


Internationalization for embedded systems (Part One)
Internationalization for Embedded Systems (Part Two): Encoding Methods
Internationalization is not a subject well known by most of the embedded systems engineers. But a part of embedded systems has user or operator interfaces and if the market region is the entire world, the interface has to be adapted to the local culture and language. Tobias Kniep gives us on the subject, advice collected of his own experience.

Fast Bit Counting
This is a truly basic and common question asked during job interviews. every software engineer has to know at least 2 or 3 solutions to it. In this article you can reassess several of them.

Learning Linux for embedded systems
Linux is still getting more and more space in embedded systems area. Lot of engineers have experience in bare metal development and code state machines in asm, code home made microkernels or use cots like FreeRTOS. But they do not have experience in Linux. Michael Eager wrote a series of article to help them to make their first embedded Linux. Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

An empirical study of cryptographic misuse in Android applications
A very interesting study on errors make on Android. The study provides interesting means to test Android systems, and finaly good advices to improve the usage of cryptographic primitives in Android applications.

Tips and tools

pthread wrapper for embedded systems without pthread support
A tip to get what’s the actual work needed when you port an app from RTLinux to FreeRTOS

Git cheatsheet
An original, interactive and beautiful cheatsheet on Git.