issue 5 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #5

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New Mill CPU Architecture Explanation for Humans
An interview of Ivan Godard the boss of the company behind the Mill CPU. Very interesting to see a company that works on others ways to do computers. Deserves to be followed.


A comparison of books for learning assembly language
An interesting feedback on assembly language books. The requirements to select the best book : Intel syntax, Linux and Windows compatible, not assuming too much prerequisite knowledge and exercises with solutions as a way to test knowledge.

Simple 8-bit Assembler Simulator
An amazing 8-bit simulator that let you assemble, run or go step by step in your program and let you see what are the CPU and the memory states. All this in a very clean web interface.

NanoFS : hardware-friendly file system
NanoFS is a novel file system for embedded systems and storage-class memories (like flash) and is specially designed to be directly implemented in hardware.

Canopus framework and flight computer software for CubeBug cubesat platform
CubeBug opensources the code of the CubeBug-1 the first satellite they put in orbit. It’s very interesting to be able to review the code they launch in space!


UNC Charlotte Embedded Systems-Spring 2012
Embedded systems courses of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 26 lectures on Youtube.

Misc and tools

Blackhat USA 2012 – How analysis of EC consumption of Embedded systems could lead to code reversing
A practical approach of Power Analysis dedicated to reverse Engineering. Experimental content, proof of concept, tools, limits, protections and prospective.

Binwalk, a fast, easy to use tool for firmware analysis, extraction and reverse engineering
If you want to hack firmware, binwalk can help.