issue 8 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #8

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Stanford Compilers by Alex Aiken
There is several compilers courses available around the web. This one is a bit particular because of the quality but also because it is given by Alex Aiken the creator of Cool programming language himself. Enjoy free of charge this online high quality courses.


Teensy 3.0 updated to Teensy 3.1
Teensy update seems minor but when you entered in the details it’s a great improvement. Processor speed goes from 48MHz to 72MHz, flash memory goes from 128 kbytes to 256 kbytes and RAM from 16 kbytes to 64 kbytes. A new CAN bus and many others hardware additions . The best thing about this update is the price : 3.0 price was $19.00 and brand new 3.1 price is $19.80. Only + $0.80

QEMU 1.7 released
Famous processor emulator gets also an update this week. Two significants changes are for the MicroBlaze architecture the possibility to specify an initrd on the command line a better support of USB 3.


OpenMV: 25FPS face detection, USB support and more
The last iteration of the OpenMV project is a great milestone in terms of achievements. This is now one of the most performant camera (perhaps the most performant) with color tracking and face detection and a price around $20. To get it works so well, Ibrahim Abd Elkader, uses the CCM memory a specific memory of the the STM32 microcontrollers family. This project is another demonstration that by digging in the datasheets it’s possible to build high performing devices at a very low cost.

12 things I learned today about linkers
An interesting rehearsal of practical or fun properties of linkers . Article is built by the author by reading an older series of article on linkers written in 2008 by Ian Lance Taylor.

Linkers and Loaders
John Levine shares the manuscript chapters of his 1999 book Linkers and Loaders . I find it so cool to see the hand-drawn illustrations of the book. Thank you John

PH7 An Embeddable PHP5 Engine
The greatest description of what is PH7 : “PH7 is to PHP what SQLite is to SQL”. If you were also in the obligation to develop CGI scripts for the web interface of an embedded system you can evaluate how can be convenient an embedded PHP interpreter.


Obscure C++ features
From his years of experience in C++, Evan Wallace shares with us his top fifteen obscure features of C++.

The history of embedded systems
A very nice video created for the 2008 Embedded Systems Conference.

DtR Episode 70 - Embedded Systems Shenanigans
An interesting podcast on embedded systems with a security researcher as a guest.