Issue 106 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #106

Last week, excited by the publication of the first lab inspiration, I shared it with a wrong link. Here is the right one: Inside Matthew’s lab .

Thank you to Konrad Beckmann for the header’s picture .

Happy reading!


Volvo C30 Arduino Boost Gauge and CAN Bus Reverse Engineering
In his video Alexander Elder shows how he wired in his Volvo a new boost gauge. He found out that the diagnostic software could request the boost pressure. Then he decoded the protocol used on the CAN bus to request this data. To do these requests on the car CAN bus automatically, and to drive the LSD display while he drives his car he used the Macchina M2 (Under-the-Hood) . All the code is available in the Volvo-CAN-Gauge repository .

Testing Zig for embedded development
I’m sure you heard about Rust but did you hear about Zig? There is still some work done on the side of embedded software to try to shake up the status quo. Zig is one of these new languages that one should not ignore.

Testing and building C projects with Zig
A second article on Zig that emphasize the strongest advantage of Zig compared to C. Zig is becoming the friendliest tool to code projects in C!

Modern Microprocessors
The author presents his article as a 90-Minute guide with an informal and fun tone. I have to add that it is as well very good content.

Introduction to Reverse Engineering with Ghidra
As an embedded software engineer, I’m always fascinating by those who can reverse engineer complicated systems. With this course I could learn more about one of the major tool: Ghidra.

Development of the MOS Technology 6502: A Historical Perspective
Everything you wanted to know with all the details.

News / Business

RISC-V Announces First New Specifications of 2022, Adding to 16 Ratified in 2021
At the embedded world 2022 RISC-V did some announcements interesting for embedded systems. With E-Trace (Efficient Trace) and Zmmul extension (multiplication without division) the company is stepping up its game.


Inversion Space, Flight Software Engineer, Full-time, Los Angeles, CA
Inversion was founded in 2021 with the mission to build the first affordable, high cadence return capability for the commercial and defense space industries.


Designing Billions of Circuits with Code
A beautiful and clear presentation on how EDA software changed the semiconductor industry.