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Embedded systems #123

It’s a week of RTOS announcements. On the one hand, we have the old long-established NuttX updated to version 11. On the other hand, we have the shiny new KataOS with impressive specifications and goals brought to us by… Google. I really don’t want to overemphasize Google’s reputation on its capability to maintain anything long term (think about the shutting down of IoT Core service covered in issue 114 ) but who is presently able to bet on a Google product?

Happy reading!


Enable UEFI secure boot on Embedded system
This article will get you started in no time if you need to set up a secure boot on your system supporting UEFI.

Self-driving 2.0
Written by an engineer working on self-driving trucks, the article is doing a good job at explaining the most promising approach to achieving full autonomy of vehicles on open roads.

ARM Assembly By Example
This course enters directly to the top of the best courses to learn ARM assembly. It is very well-structured, and I find the different parts clear thanks to the good illustrations or the code examples. To be bookmarked.

mROS 2: yet another runtime environment onto embedded devices
In this presentation, Hideki Takase presents his project mros2 . mros2 is an alternative to microROS to run ROS2 on embedded microcontrollers. For people not familiar with the robotics field, ROS2 is a specialised operating system designed to help to create robots.

email + git = <3
All the people who are interested in Linux kernel development know that it is driven by emails. But many of us don’t know how it actually works. With this ressource you’ll be ready to contribute without being told off by Linus.

News / Business

Announcing KataOS and Sparrow
KataOS is a new OS for embedded devices by Google. It is based on seL4, almost entirely in Rust and with a reference implementation of a secure system (built with OpenTitan on a RISC-V arch). It sounds great but, like I already wrote in the introduction: Can we safely invest in a Google product?

NuttX RTOS 11.0.0
This new major version of NuttX comes with hundreds of improvements and fixes. NuttX is primarily famous for me because it makes easy porting applications from Linux. I hope NuttX community won’t be offended by my narrow point of view.

Tools / Libraries

Gobot is a Golang framework for robotics, drones, and the IoT. For C developers, Go language is probably the closest language regarding the syntax. Be warned, it’s a garbage-collected language.


Linea Research, Embedded Software Engineer, Full-time, Letchworth Garden City, England, United Kingdom (Open to remote)
Linea Research Ltd, part of Focusrite Group PLC, designs and manufactures high performance audio electronics for the professional market. A global brand, their amplifiers and processors are used at some of the worlds most prestigious venues and events.


Reverse Engineering a Cat Feeder to Boost Productivity
A little fun side project by John Partee who creates his candy dispenser from a cat feeder. I’m not very convinced by using dog training techniques on myself to become a better developer, but at least it’s fun!