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 - A breadboard with a mistake to find

Embedded systems #124

I would like to start this week’s issue with a tribute to Wolfgang Denk who passed away last week . His contributions are numerous and one of the most used around the World is U-Boot.

Thank you, Wolfgang Denk.


A Reverse Engineer’s Perspective on the Boeing 787 ‘51 days’ Airworthiness Directive
Do you remember this order for Boeing operators from 2020? The author does fantastic work to understand the root reasons of the 51-days limit.

Comprehensive list of FPGA development boards
If you are in the process to find the best board for your application, check this list out. You’ll probably find new candidates to evaluate.

Designing Logic Systems Using State Machines
It’s a 1973 book, but there are many interesting approaches in it still relevant to nowadays systems. My advice is to randomly skim through it, and you’ll for sure, get caught.

Cash, Canadians and CPUs : Intel’s ‘Lost’ Early Microprocessor
Interesting part of Intel history that I didn’t know about. How Canada was involved in the success of Intel and what was the 4005?!

Tools / Libraries

Tracing Linux kernel with retsnoop
With the maturation of BPF technology, observability of the Linux kernel internal behavior is becoming easier and easier. retsnoop is based on BPF and its main goal is to make tracing accessible and actionable.

Random number generators subject is fascinating me. OneRNG is an open-hardware RNG implementation. The project is OSHWA certified .


Zircon Software, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Full-time, Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom (Partially remote)
We are an ambitious software engineering company based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, where we have been operating for over 20 years. Zircon helps create software that drives the future in a wide range of industries and across embedded, application and enterprise systems. We might be small, but we work with giants!


The Z80’s secret feature discovered after 40 years!
It sounds like there will always be something to say about the Z80. Fan base is eternal.