PCB of a Zigbee plant watering sensor - Greg Davill
 - PCB of a Zigbee plant watering sensor

Embedded systems #126

This week I ran a poll asking engineers the IDE they use for C programming. I had been surprised by two things. The first one is the very low percentage using Eclipse. Only 10%. The second one is the very high percentage using VS Code: 53.2%. I hadn’t realised how VS Code became dominant.

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Testing of Event-Driven Embedded Software with Python
In this presentation in two parts , Miro Samek demonstrates how replacing mocks with spies and using a proper software tracing tool makes your testing easier and dynamic. Miro Samek is using his company’s tools, but the point stands and several other tools on the market provide the same features. If the concepts and differences between mocks and spies are blurry for you, I suggest reading the TestDouble article by Martin Fowler.

Tiny Tapeout 2 is open for submissions
Tiny Tapeout, Matthew Venn ’s project, is probably the easiest way to get your design manufactured on a real chip. The second run, currently opened, will close on Nov, the 14th at 18:00 CET. You still have the weekend to submit your work and to see it integrated on a real chip.

Understanding Arm Cortex-M Intel-Hex (ihex) files
You might have already used ihex files, but probably you never took the time to dig their structure. Niall Cooling did the work for us in this article.

Build a Passive Radar With Software-Defined Radio
An Interesting article that shows what it is nowadays possible to do with affordable SDR technology. The author is using the KrakenSDR at $399.00 plus two TV antennas at $19.

Understanding CMRR and its Relationship With ADC Offset Error
If you are like me with very basic knowledge of electronics, this article is a good starting point to progress on what is the common mode signal and how works an ADC.

Tools / Libraries

Kaluma is a tiny JavaScript runtime for RP2040.


National Robotics Engineering Center, Embedded Software Engineer, Full-time, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
NREC has 25+ years of experience and is globally renowned for developing and deploying robots into many applications across multiple sectors, such as agriculture, mining, defense, energy, and manufacturing.


PROBABLY THE BEST ‘elevator relay logic vid’ in the world
In the issue #112 of the newsletter , I wrote a brief historic of embedded systems. In it, I talked about the times when lifts were relay-controlled. Check out this mesmerizing video to see one running…