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 - Macro of an integrated circuit bondwires

Embedded systems #125

After our last week tribute to Wolfgang Denk, this week we have to take our hat off to Kathleen Booth , who died at the end of September. She invented something that she called the Contracted Notation, and that is today known as the assembly language.

Happy reading!


Types of circuit boards
Alok Menghrajani wrote this article to help himself navigate through the long list of different types of circuits. I bookmarked it as a reference.

Wii U Architecture: A practical analysis
Personally, I always find interesting these kinds of consumer products' deep analysis. Of courses to discover what choices the manufacturer made but as well the dedication of the person doing the analysis and publishing it for free. Thank you, Rodrigo Copetti.

Rust blinky on RISC-V soft core
If you were looking for, an introduction example of an embedded Rust program, running on a RISC-V soft core, check out this blinky that is using the FemtoRV .

Breaking Secure Boot on Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) to run Ubuntu
There is no better embedded systems engineer who knows about the last exploits. Not only which product has been hacked, but as well how it has been hacked. With this knowledge, you can make your own designs more secured.

Memory safety in C++, Zig, & Rust (part 1)
Even though, in general (and most of the time) memory allocations must be avoided in embedded systems, this video is insightful to understand why many are eyeing on Rust. I know it’s polemic, but as an old C developer, I believe that it is now the moment to onboard the Rust train just to be ready when it will roll.

News / Business

Arm Changes Business Model – OEM Partners Must Directly License From Arm
Is it ARM reacting to the threats coming from the CPU/GPU changes landscape? Is it a bad move for ARM long-term position? Some specialists see it as a pure anti-competition move. What do you think?


Baker Hughes, Senior Firmware Engineer, Full-time, Houston, TX
Would you like to shape firmware development for a global company? With operations in over 120 countries, we provide better solutions for our customers and richer opportunities for our people.


Thumb-sized microscope captures images deep inside the brains of active animals
It is both scary and fascinating. Anyway, if you feel adventurous, everything needed to build it is available in the Mini2P toolbox repository.