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Embedded systems #100

The #100. That’s a milestone, isn’t it? One hundred issues and more than a thousand articles, news or projects shared with you. It feels good to send this week issue!

Thank you to Texplained for the header’s picture .

Happy reading!


“The most useless second monitor possible” is the tagline given by the author himself to his project. Don’t be fooled. There is much to learn here. What is the Display Data Channel (DDC), how HDMI hot plug detection works or how to communicate with an i2c device from a Linux host…

Roland TR-808 cowbell rebuild
The Roland TR-808 is a now famous drum machine from the 80s. In this article the author tries to reproduce the circuitry that generates the iconic Roland TR-808 cowbell.

Towards Real-time Traffic Sign and Traffic Light Detection on Embedded Systems
This paper is among the state of the art papers on how to create autonomous vehicles that recognize properly and in real time traffic lights/signs. Very interesting to read where research stands on this subject.

USB Cheat Shee t Everything you wanted to know about all USB versions cables is in this cheat sheet. Instant bookmark.

Bare-Metal STM32: Using The I2C Bus In Master-Transceiver Mode
All the details on how to configure and read/write data with the built-in i2c peripheral.

NVIDIA Linux Open GPU Kernel Module Source
Finally. We can definitely say, finally, NVIDIA open source its driver. Of course not everything is already open source. Of course, we can be disappointed that the GSP (GPU System Processor) firmware is still a binary blob loaded by the driver on the card and so is still closed source. But, please, it’s already a step forward in the good direction. Let’s enjoy it.

News / Business

The new standard: Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System in modern and future vehicles
While Red Hat is pursuing functional safety certification for its In-Vehicle Operating System (IVOS), General Motors already announced that they will replace their in-house Ultifi platform (release expected in 2023) with the IVOS once Red Hat got the safety stamp. It all sounds like a dream start for Red Hat IVOS.

Big Changes In Embedded Software
Article that resonates with the announcement of the Red Hat IVOS. It describes how embedded software evolved from small series and bespoke developments to more reusable solutions across different projects. The trend described sounds to me exactly like what Red Hat tries to achieve.


Focusrite, Embedded Software Team Manager (Audio Technology), Full-time, High Wycombe (Open to remote)
Focusrite plc is a global music and audio group that develops and markets music technology products. Used by audio professionals and amateur musicians alike, its solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound.