issue 67 - Embedded systems newsletter

Embedded systems #67


Open source 25-core processor can be stringed into a 200,000-core computer

Homebrew dummy load

Reverse Engineering a Simple Four Function Calculator: die decap

Ram made from Transistors


Capturing 0day Exploits with PERFectly Placed Hardware Traps

A Super-Simple Makefile for Medium-Sized C/C++ Projects

STM32 HD44780 Based LCD Interface

The One Second Dash

The Qt Lite project makes Qt available for any platform, thing or size
The cross-platform application development framework Qt is getting stripped down for developers. The Qt company has announced the Qt Lite project, a new initiative to give developers the ability to use only what they need from the Qt framework.


All about Biosignals
DIY medical science is fun stuff. One can ferret out many of the electrical signals that make the body run with surprisingly accessible components and simple builds. While the medical community predictably dwells on the healthcare uses of such information, the hacker is free to do whatever he or she wants.

Episode 7 - An Oscilloscope from 1946 Can Still Teach Some Lessons

How to use a multimeter
It goes without saying that a multimeter is an essential tool when working with electronics, that being said using a multimeter can be difficult and confusing at the start. Most multimeters have many functions and the symbols can sometimes not relate to their functions at all. This makes it tough to figure out which symbols do what. In this article Omicrome have put together detailed tutorials for each important function a multimeter has.

IKEA lantern houses fulle-featured weather station
This hack describes the conversion of an IKEA BORRBY lantern into a Simple Weather Station.

Tutorial on High-Power Balanced & Doherty Microwave Amplifiers