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Embedded systems #88

We have a bit more than the usual curated content this week.

This week sponsor, Intergalaktik, is giving away an advanced FPGA board!
I’m talking about the versatile ULX3S 85F . One of you, subscriber of our newsletter, will win this board in 1 week!

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Impressive implementation of the USB protocol (host and device sides) with PIO of the Raspberry Pi Pico. The video demo is great as well. Three Pi Pico chained via USB!

Why memcpy/strcpy/strcat return a value?
Can you reply to this question before opening the article? Congratulations, you reached level 2 of the C developer evolution.

ESP Webserver tutorial part 1 - textfields
ESP Webserver tutorial part 2 - button
ESP Webserver tutorial part 3 - button with status save and led
These are the first 3 articles of an ongoing series describing step by step how to build a web server on a ESP8266 or a ESP32.

RISC-V fast interrupt controller
With the adoption of RISC-V cores ramping up, organisations behind the project are working on eliminating the weak points. The CLIC is extending the original RISC-V basic local interrupt scheme to make it better now and to prepare it for future improvements .

random: use computational hash for entropy extraction
The Random Number Generator of Linux is known to have weaknesses. Kernel 5.18 with this commit is addressing them. They are very interesting commit log message AND commit to read.

Build a 6502 computer
Learn how computers work by building and programming a computer with the classic 6502 microprocessor.

Low latency Linux kernel for industrial embedded systems – Part I
Part II
Part III
Presentation of the Ubuntu work on its low latency kernel version. Alternative to the PREEMPT_RT patch.

FPGA Interchange format to enable interoperable FPGA tooling
This article describes the current effort by Google and Antmicro to create a standard format to facilitate the communication between the different tools involved in the compilation of HDL languages.

ULX3S 85F Giveaway by Intergalaktik
Intergalaktik is giving away 1 (one) ULX3S 85F FPGA board to one of the Embedsys Weekly newsletter subscriber! To participate, you just have to subscribe to Embedsys Weekly newsletter before Feb, the 25th at 00:00. All the current subscribers participate automatically to the giveaway. Nothing more to do!


Are we ready for open-source software in safety-critical embedded systems?
I agree with Sergei Danielian who commented about the article: it’s a provocative/polemic question. What do you think? What are the conditions necessary to integrate an open source project in a safety critical system?

The bevy of rovers heading for the Moon
A look at all the big and small mobile robots that will explore the lunar surface over the next five years.


It is a minimalistic JSON parser in C. It has many advantages to be selected as the main solution to parse JSON in your embedded systems projects: no dependencies not even the standard C lib, it works on x86/amd64, ARM, AVR, it is only few hundreds lines of code and it is well tested.


wolfSSL, Embedded Systems Software Engineer, Full-time, USA (Open to remote)
wolfSSL develops, markets and sells the leading Open Source embedded SSL/TLS protocol implementation, wolfSSL.


How I built my own Sega Mega Drive hardware dev kit from scratch
It’s detailed enough to be reproduced at Home. Tempting?