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Embedded systems #89

The ULX3S giveaway is over and I have the pleasure to share with you that we sent an email to u*****@*****.edu to let him know that he won!

For all the others, I have as well the pleasure to let you know that we have a new giveaway starting today!

Classpert is offering a free seat for the second cohort of the course Making Embedded Systems ! A full 10 weeks course given by the one and unique Elecia White. One of you, subscriber of our newsletter, will win this course in 2 weeks!

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How Does NTP Work?
Many of our embedded systems connected to internet use NTP but do you really know how NTP works?

VexRiscv, OpenOCD, and Traps
In this article the author explains how to connect GDB to a VexRiscv CPU that’s running on the actual hardware by adding a JTAG interface. I find fascinating the idea of debugging a soft core on a FPGA via the JTAG interface.

C Portability Lessons from Weird Machines
In this article from 2018, the author makes us travel through some of the most special architectures around and what are the implication on the C code you should produce to achieve portability.

Faster integer formatting - James Anhalt (jeaiii)’s algorithm
How would you code the itoa function? Maybe it’s an interview question that you already got? This article describes one of the most optimal algorithm to print your ints into decimal strings.

Custom BLE firmware for Hanshow E-Paper Shelf Labels / Price Tags
Aaron Christophel works on this small e-paper device deserves to be checked out. He is flashing on it a custom firmware exploiting built-in features like bluetooth LE or the temperature reader of the e-paper. He is as well designing a custom layout for the display. Check this video out to see it working.

Making Embedded Systems Course Giveaway by Classpert
Classpert is giving away 1 (one) free seat to one of the Embedsys Weekly newsletter subscriber! To participate, you just have to subscribe to Embedsys Weekly newsletter before Mar, the 11th at 00:00. All the current subscribers participate automatically to the giveaway. Nothing more to do!


Intel Acquires Linutronix
The interesting aspects of this acquisition are the projects on the Linux kernel that Linutronix is leading. One of the most noticeable, is the PREMPT_RT patch via their CTO Thomas Gleixner.


littlefs - A little fail-safe filesystem designed for microcontrollers
Don’t be fooled by the name of the library. littlefs is a big library in embedded systems, widely used in hundreds of commercial projects. If you need a file system in your project you probably want to start your third parties evaluations with littlefs.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory published this library to extract GCC/gcov code coverage data from a bare metal target. This kind of target without a file system, an operating system or even the standard C library.

Verilog implementation of the Blake2 hash function (32-bit version)
Blake2 is a state of the art cryptographic hash function. This FPGA version has been run through a functionnal verification against the reference implementation.

Education / Community

Embedded Engineering 📶 - Amulius
Community for career guidance, project advice, and other topics relevant to embedded systems. Place to discuss, work and collaborate with other engineers and students.


AI on the edge vs. Traditional Engineering. Water Meter with ESP32-CAM
Interesting video that compares a traditional way versus a trendy method: the AI way. The conclusion of the video? If you want reliability go “barefoot”. Have a look by yourself, and, please, let me know what you think about this comparison.