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Embedded systems #91

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Racing the Hardware: 8-bit Division
This starts by describing how the DIV instruction is implemented in CPUs by their division acceleration unit. Than it dives in how to do better with C/ASM code using fixed point numbers. Very interesting if you are interested in CPU architectures. (In the issue 90 we covered an article on fixed point numbers in Verilog)

Booting ARM Linux the standard way
This is a description of the problem that the current state of the ARM processors boot process has and how the project Tow-Boot (a modified version of U-Boot ) tries to improve the situation.

Embedded WebAssembly on a D1 Mini with WASM3
If you didn’t already hear about WASM , it was first developed as a portable binary format for web browsers. This article shows how it can be used for embedded systems and why it is interesting.

What You Must Know about Memory, Caches, and Shared Memory
This presentation by a computer science professor of the University of Tokyo describes the fundamentals that you need to know.

Yocto boot2qt for the Raspberry Pi 4, both Qt 5.15 and 6.2
This article shows how to use Yocto boot2qt to setup a one click deployment from Qt Creator.

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News / Business

LinuxCNC is in Debian
LinuxCNC the go to distribution to control CNC machines like milling machines, lathes, 3D printers, laser cutters has just started the integration process in Debian. Now in the unstable distribution, he should in the coming days move to the testing one to finally being accepted in the stable distribution. A great achievement for the LinuxCNC project!

Embedded Software Development in Visual Studio Code
Microsoft just released the Embedded Tools extension for Visual Studio. Of course, It supports Azure RTOS ThreadX but as well FreeRTOS or bare metal targets. Thank you Marc Goodner for the fast response!

Arm introduces MDK-Community edition
Arm finally decided to make available for free its Keil MDK software development environment for all non-commercial applications. Anybody can now get one hands on it to evaluate it.


Edge Impulse , Machine Learning Engineer, Full-time, Amsterdam (Full remote)
Edge Impulse enables developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions with embedded Machine Learning.


if you read with interest the first article of this issue Racing the Hardware: 8-bit Division , and you asked yourself how to apply the idea in your project, libdivide is the response to your question. libdivide is a header-only C/C++ implementation of these concepts and it is compatible with 8-bit microcontrollers.

Amaranth HDL
Amaranth is the new name of nMigen. The most advanced HDL hardware definition language and toolchain based on Python.

The famous cross-platform, free and open-source signal analysis software suite.

Education / Community

RT-Thread organises this challenge. To participate submit your project proposal before April 30. If you are selected, you’ll receive free hardware or chips and on top of that cash prizes are on for the top projects.


Creators of the Arm
A series of interviews of the people who started the ARM history. What ARM stands for?
At the beginning: Acorn Risc Machines
Later on: Advanced Risc Machines
Nowadays: it’s just Arm