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Embedded systems #90

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Remote Zephyr development using Segger tunnel and a Raspberry Pi
“In recent events, many have found themselves at home and not being able to go to the office. Because of that, I wanted to show one less known feature of Segger JLink which provides a programming interface over the internet for the remote device you are developing as if it was next to you on the workbench." ~ Vojislav, the author

Writing an OS in Rust
A very good resource if you want to learn Rust. But as well If you want to write a small OS or if you only want to learn hardware details.

A collection of formal proofs in Coq. It contains as well an introduction to Coq in the folder Tutorial .

MicroZed Chronicles: Partial Configuration Introduction
Nice demo of a FPGA partial reconfiguration. It’s great to not have others features interrupted when one is updated!

Fixed Point Numbers in Verilog
What are fixed point numbers? How they can help you to get more precise values than integers without the cumbersome IEEE 754? And how to implement them in Verilog? This article covers all of that straight to the point.

Making Embedded Systems Course Giveaway by Classpert
Classpert is giving away 1 (one) free seat to one of the Embedsys Weekly newsletter subscriber! To participate, you just have to subscribe to Embedsys Weekly newsletter before Mar, the 11th at 00:00. All the current subscribers participate automatically to the giveaway. Nothing more to do!

News / Business

Linus Torvalds prepares to move the Linux kernel to modern C
After years and years of development, Linux kernel finally hits a limitation of the C89 that leads to a maintainability issue that is nowadays too big to be accepted. We will see in the coming months a jump forward of 22 years! C89 to C11…


MENDAERA, Firmware Engineer, Full-time, San Carlos, CA (Full remote)
Mendaera is an early-stage company focused on developing technology to enable all healthcare providers to perform precise and consistent point-of-care intervention.


SVD-Loader for Ghidra: Simplifying bare-metal ARM reverse engineering
This Ghidra script automatises the memory mapping of hundreds of microcontrollers by using the very handy and almost standard SVD files: CMSIS System View Description.

Education / Community

Introduction to RTOS
This series of video is 12 episodes long of high quality content on RTOS concepts. Probably one of the best introduction (a bit more than introduction) to RTOS around.


Writing a game for the boot sector
A little fun project that proves that it is possible to write the 2048 game in the 512 bytes of the bootsector.