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Embedded systems #95

It’s already another Friday! The weekend day and I hope the Embedsys Weekly day for most of you. Thank you very much for reading regularly my selection of tech. It’s my weekly pleasure to see you enjoy it.

Thank you to Andrew Zonenberg for the header’s picture .

Happy reading!


OpenMower - The affordable Open Source DIY Smart GPS Robotic Mower
Clemens the author of the project describes it this way and I think it’s the perfect description: Let’s upgrade cheap off-the-shelf robotic mowers to modern, smart RTK GPS based lawn mowing robots!

Toward a better list iterator for the kernel
Definitely the final dot on this epic bug, slash discussion, slash fix on lists in the Linux kernel.

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Linker Script
It’s a very long article with tons of information and tips. A reference to keep around.

Kernel Self Protection Project
The project gathers a list of good practices to secure your kernel configuration. Definitely an address to keep just to be sure to do the right choice when you need to configure/reconfigure a Linux kernel.

How The Tables Have Turned: An analysis of two new Linux vulnerabilities in nf_tables
The article is really interesting because the vulnerabilities give us the opportunity to discover how the Linux netfilter framework is structured and what is actually its role.

Learning to Communicate Effectively Between Battery-free Devices
This paper received the NSDI (Networked Systems Design and Implementation) 2022 Community Award. It describes how two intermittently ON nodes can communicate reliably and efficiently. A fascinating work for me who doesn’t know much on these constraints.

Open Source RT-Thread IoT OS is working with LVGL open-source graphics library, STMicroelectronics, NXP Semiconductors, and Nuvoton Technology to hold the Embedded GUI Contest. It offers free NXP RT1060EVKB, STM32F469 Discovery, NuMaker-HMI-N9H30, cash prizes are on the line, and the stakes are extremely high.

News / Business

Antmicro releases open-source hardware Snapdragon 845 baseboard designed with KiCad
All the schematics of this new board are available directly on Github under the Apache 2.0 license. It means that we can use everything in a commercial product without paying royalties or limitation.

What’s New in Ada 2022
Ada is still moving forward and I still believe that all embedded software developers should at least understand what the language brings to the developers to help us to write safer code.

VMEbus: Forty and Fit!
VMEbus is the first standard I have worked on when I started my career years ago. The standard is more than 40 years now, what a story!


Isar Aerospace, Embedded Software Engineer (m/f/d), Ottobrunn, Munich
We are Isar Aerospace and we are at the forefront of New Space building a modern space business to enable faster, better and cheaper access to space. Our mission is to help democratise space and use it for good in order to improve life on Earth now and for the future generations.