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Embedded systems #97

This week revealed their speaker line-up for the USA 2022 in person conference! The addition of these great speakers to the trainings already listed is one more good reason to join if you’re not already in. ( is a permanent sponsor of Embedsys)

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Happy reading!


Calculating Pi digits on first Intel microprocessor (intel 4004)
At first one may think: why? And I really believe it’s a good question. Anyway, I encourage you to read this article that is a good demonstration of how the software should work around the hardware limitations to solve a specific problem.

Connect to Tx/Rx pins on ESP32 UART via remote SSH
Nice project that shows how to connect a board with only a UART to an Ethernet network. The example is using FreeRTOS and as the project name suggests it, the wolfSSL library.

The guy with rudimentary tools who hyped things
This research provides the first public reference of confirmed remote/inter-partition vulnerabilities in Collins Aerospace’s Pro Line Fusion AFD-3700: a safety-critical, Lynx178-OS based, certified avionics component, which is deployed in both military and commercial aircraft.

Linux kernel system calls for all architectures
This table is the best reference of all the system calls for all the architectures. You definitely must bookmark it.

The musl preprocessor debate
This article is the perfect illustration of how hard it is to be the maintainer of a successful library. On one side, the author of the article is building a valid argumentation in favor of the addition of macro to help musl users to detect if a feature is present. On musl side, the maintainer prefers the usage of tests (like configure tests) to detect if a feature is present. As much as I would not want to be Rich (maintainer of musl) in this discussion, I find it very interesting to follow. Next step is in this new Rich proposal

The Tower of Weakenings: Memory Models For Everyone
The article is a bit theoretical and complicated but it is very interesting to read. It is a good example on how language designers work to improve languages safety (here Rust).

News / Business

QEMU version 7.0.0 released
QEMU is a such invaluable tool that each major version should be celebrated. The version 7 includes many changes and to be more specific a lot related to RISC-V architecture.

How the C programming language has grown
Once upon a time in 1972, a new language named C started is life… Happy 50th anniversary C! It is the perfect opportunity to interview Brian Kernighan.

Education / Community

Wireshark Labs
This is a free complement to the famous book “Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach”. It is a hands-on lab that could be done without the book. A great resource for someone who needs to learn to use Wireshark.


What made the NES so interesting?
For the nostalgic among us, a great article that details how the NES was enhanced by different chips inside the cartridges.